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  • Bruce Rutledge


    Ten Years after the Waves Came

    Today marks the 10th anniversary of the tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear meltdown that devastated Tohoku, Japan. Last year, we published a work by MW Larson that looks at that disaster and its aftermath through four personal narratives. In a recent review, The Japan Times called When the Waves Came "a somber and moving look at four experiences of the disaster and its aftermath." Larson follows his protagonists for years. Well after the media has turned its focus elsewhere, he captures the often heartbreaking tales of people struggling to survive in the face of an indifferent bureaucracy caught up in the hoopla of the coming Olympic Games. Ten years after the waves came, there is still so much to do for the people of Tohoku. If you're so inclined, one good organization to look to is Peace Winds.

  • Bruce Rutledge


    Announcing Our Autobiographical Novel Contest

    We have just launched our first-ever writing contest to find exciting new work. Our focus is the autobiographical novel, a genre that covers most memoirs, much literary nonfiction, and quite a few debut novels. If your manuscript is autobiographical in parts but blends fact with fictional elements, it qualifies. We're especially looking for work that begs for visual, graphic, or illustrative accompaniments. Multiple submissions are welcome as are entries from outside the United States. We do not accept self-published work or work that has been published elsewhere. The author of the most promising and innovative manuscript as selected by our judges will be offered a publishing contract by Chin Music Press. Our contest runs through May 31, 2021. The winner and a shortlist of finalists will be announced by the September , 2021. Interested? Find more details here. We look forward to reading your work.

  • Bruce Rutledge


    We're Launching an Environmental Imprint: Reverberations Books

    Chin Music Press has been publishing important, entertaining, and edgy work for the last 15 years. Recognizing this dedication, our colleague, Gregory Graalfs, came to us to establish Reverberations Books, an imprint with a focus on the environment. Together, we're looking for book-length manuscripts that promote appreciation for the beauty and complexity of our habitat and drive us to lobby for its preservation. Some themes that especially interest us are the connection between climate justice and racial justice, the social implications of global warming, and the preservation of open spaces. We will consider both works of fiction and nonfiction. To submit your work or get more information from us, write to speak-at-chinmusicpress-dot-com and put "Environment" in the subject line. #reverberationsbooks


  • Annie Connole ("The Spring") in Conversation with Frances McCue ("Timber Curtain")
    May 13, 7:30 PM
    Town Hall Seattle | Online Event
    A Conversation On Grief and Transformation Through the Lens of a Lyric Essay

"Chin music" is quintessential American slang that over the decades has meant everything from fancy talk to a swift punch in the jaw. In the 1920s, it was a synonym for gossip. Before that, it was used to describe baseball fans heckling an unsuspecting umpire. And later, it meant a high-and-tight fastball, a pitch that told the batter, "hey buddy, back off the plate or next time it's your noggin." Today, the phrase is used in cricket in much the same way, and less subtly (surprise, surprise) in professional wrestling, when Shawn Michaels delivers his finishing kick, known as "sweet chin music." It's in rap (Method Man, "Suspect Chin Music"),, pop (Nick Jonas, "Jealous"), and of course, literature (Stephen Crane, "The Red Badge of Courage," Mark Twain, "Roughing It").

That scrappy little piece of American slang has staying power!

Know of another usage of the phrase? Let us know!


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