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In a dark world where all hope seems lost, Oshun’s Book of Mirrors reveals the true definition of beauty.


Oshun’s Book of Mirrors tells a profound and symbolic message about beauty, self-esteem, and perspective. In a forest devoid of light, where all the beauty of life has seemingly faded away, a young girl named Oshun sets out on a journey to discover herself. While all her animal friends have lost the ability to see anything good in the world, Oshun’s hopeful outlook leads her to find the true beauty within oneself. Her magical book of mirrors reflects Oshun’s inner positivity and helps her show all her animal friends the unique and special qualities they each possess. This modern fairy tale teaches valuable lessons about self-reflection, encouragement, and friendship.

Oshun's Book of Mirrors by Asia Rainey, illustrated by Cherie Mays

  • ISBN: 9781634059794

    Publication Date: 07/20/2021

    Pages: 64

    Size: 11.00(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

    Type: Hardcover

    Language: English

  • Asia Rainey is a multidisciplinary artist and writer with a resume spanning spoken word poetry, music, theatre, visual arts, and film. As a native New Orleanian, her work reflects the vivid vernacular, southern rhythm, and spirited culture of her birthplace. Known for writing with intense imagery and lyrical storytelling, Ms. Rainey has been welcomed as a dynamic performer at numerous events, festivals, and educational institutions. Her work in the arts, education, and activism has received national and international acclaim, from being named a 2017 Literary Arts Fellow for the State of Mississippi to serving as a U.S. arts delegate overseas. As an educator, she has authored curricula for creative writing, facilitating workshops for arts professionals, academic teachers, and audiences spanning generations.


    Born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI, Cherie Mays attended Eastern Michigan University where she received her bachelor of science degree with studies in fine arts and a minor in journalism. She created and operates the site, which promotes children’s books, authors and illustrators. Her published books have tackled topics such as bullying and epilepsy.

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