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In a little Hawaiian house with a mango tree, Cathy and her babysitter Mrs. Sato spend their afternoons arranging flowers, cooking, and having adventures. When Cathy has to move away, Mrs. Sato comforts her by sharing her own story of immigrating from Japan to Hawaii. Lori Matsukawa’s debut children's book Brave Mrs. Sato tells a heartwarming story of intergenerational friendship, immigration, and bravery. She shows readers how heritage, food, traditions, and stories can help them feel at home wherever they are.


Brave Mrs. Sato by Lori Matsukawa, illustrated by Tammy Yee

  • ISBN: 9781634050395

    Publication Date: 8/29/2023

    Pages: 40

    Size: 9(w) x 11(h) x 0.4 in

    Type: Hardback

    Language: English

  • Emmy-award winning journalist and pioneering TV anchor Lori Matsukawa graduated from Aiea High School, Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University and received an MA from the University of Washington. She was Miss Teenage America 1974. She and her husband Larry live in Seattle and have a grown son. 

    Illustrator Tammy Yee has worked on more than 36 children's books over her career. She lives in Hawaii.

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