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Stories and photographs by Nathan Vass


Thirty stories and 32 photos chronicle life on Seattle's No. 7 bus during the graveyard shift.


Nathan Vass has been driving a Seattle city bus at night for the last decade. He began writing a popular blog, The View from Nathan's Bus, about his encounters with the riders of the No. 7 bus, which cuts through the heart of the city's Rainier Valley, one of the most racially and ethnically diverse zip codes in the US. Nathan's blog entries grew into this book. His stories and photography illuminate an overlooked part of urban life and highlight the simple connections people make on a daily basis. His depictions of interactions on the city bus range from heartbreaking to hilarious to inspiring.


Nathan Vass is a Seattle-based artist and filmmaker who drives a public bus at night. His photography has been featured in festivals and galleries in the Seattle area, and an earlier, self-published version of his book The Lines That Make Us was a finalist for the 2019 Washington State Book Award for Nonfiction. Nathan was born in South Central Los Angeles.



The Lines That Make Us

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