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Meet artist Mari Ichimasu's collection of traveling cats, an adorable array of water-color kitties teeming with personality. Viola wears binoculars, ready to watch the whales. Maka is barefoot with a guitar and a bottle of beer peeking out of her pack. Jake dons snowshoes, a thick sweater, and a scarf as he heads to snow country. These water-color illustrations are accompanied by simple sweet poems that tell of each cat's journey. Meet all 45 traveling felines in this debut collection.

Fur Coats & Backpacks: The Travel Cats Hit the Road by Mari Ichimasu

  • ISBN: 9781634059916

    Publication Date: 05/17/2022

    Pages: 112

    Size: 4.9(w) x 7.1(h) x 0.5 in

    Type: Hardback

    Language: English

  • Mari Ichimasu is a Seattle-based Japanese artist who works in stop-motion animation, painting, and drawing. She was born in Tokyo and raised in Ichikawa City. Currently, she is working on a stop-motion animated film called Sanpomichi that is inspired by her family in Tokyo.

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