Chin Music Press 2021 Manuscript Contest

Creative Nonfiction / Autobiographical Novel / Experimental Memoir



Chin Music Press is launching a writing contest to find exciting new work. Our focus is the autobiographical novel, a genre that covers most memoirs and much literary nonfiction. If your manuscript is autobiographical in parts but blends fact with fictional elements, it qualifies. 

Multiple submissions are welcome, as are entries from outside the United States. We do not accept self-published work or work that has been published elsewhere. If you're submitting multiple entries, you must complete the form below for each entry.

The author of the most promising and innovative manuscript as selected by our judges will be offered a publishing contract by Chin Music Press.

Our contest is open to submissions from April 1st to July 1st, 2021. The winner and a shortlist of finalists will be announced by October 1st.

$25 submission fee per manuscript

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Acceptable entry files are Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF. File name must include the title of your entry. 

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