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Where We Know is a must for anyone who wants a more excellent understanding of the tenacity of the people of New Orleans. —The Midwest Book Review


Five years later, New Orleans is still striving to recover. Where We Know: New Orleans as Home contains voices of people who stayed on to rebuild and those who no longer think of New Orleans as home. It also weaves in historical quotations from Louis Armstrong, Lafcadio Hearn, Walker Percy and many others. Their words give context to the topic of living in this culturally complex place. The culture of New Orleans can be as obvious as Bourbon Street or as subtle as a trumpet. Always, though, there is a passion for the culture and for the city.

Those who choose to leave or are unable to come back still have an intense sense of what this city is all about. Those who stay often do so with dedication, doubts and a sense that no other city can replace this one. Where We Know conveys that intense sense — the joys and rewards, the fears and dangers — of making this city one’s home.

Where We Know: New Orleans as Home

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