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by Sarah Gray

With illustrations by Alodie Fielding

250 pages

Paperback with french flaps

The short stories in Urban Creatures skirt the edge of reality, dexterously defying form and genre. Primal urges feed on the city, stalking its inhabitants. From a psychotherapist gorging on tragedy, to a predatory hair thief, and a grief-stricken father’s search for his lost daughter, humanity’s subterranean secrets and shames are unearthed.

Urban survival makes creatures of us all.


Sarah Gray's short stories shift from the unsettling to the surreal to the frightening, all cut through with her characteristic black humor.

Beautifully illustrated by Alodie Fielding

Sarah Gray has been storytelling all of her professional life. As a writer and filmmaker she is delighted by what she fears and loves to explore the darkly comic side of the human psyche. In a scary and illogical world there is plenty to allow her imagination free reign.

Stories enable us to face the worst that can happen and then get back to everyday life, pretending the terrible stuff only happens to other people. In October 2015, Sarah’s fears were realized when she was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease. Since then she has been learning how to adapt to chronic disability and adjusting to the horror of a terminal illness.


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Urban Creatures

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