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The Music In Us chronicles the artistic journey of Bette Alexander. With singular devotion, she has painted both abstract and figurative work, driven by her love of texture and color, and her curiosity about the world. Painting has always been her North Star, sustaining her through a life story full of ups and downs.


Alexander’s artwork grew as her life evolved, reflecting her experiences as a world traveler and social observer. She has taken on overlooked elderly women, genocidal oppression, prisoners in confinement, and foibles of country life. Born Jewish, she has a fascination with ritual objects and the varieties of religious expression, from the lost synagogues of WWII to the colorful Christian Timkat festival of Ethiopia. Most recently, psychological themes related to Covid and isolation have appeared in her artworks.


Spanning more than forty years, these seventy works of art show an artist with a gift for expression, finely tuned to the currents of life around her.

The Music in Us by Bette Alexander, with David Berger

  • ISBN: 9781634050401

    Publication Date: 10/18/2022

    Pages: 88

    Size: 9.4 X 10.4 X 0.4 inches

    Type: Paperback 

    Language: English

  • Bette Alexander is an artist who lives in New York City.


    David Berger is an author, artist, and former visual arts critic at The Seattle Times.

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