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A fascinating insider's look at Japan's otaku ("nerd or über-fan") subculture, and a snapshot of how otaku continue to shape a global cultural consciousness. Patrick W. Galbraith, the author of the highly successful The Otaku Encyclopedia (Kodansha USA), takes us beyond the superficial stereotypes of "Weird Japan" and into the private spaces and places of self-proclaimed otaku.

In Otaku Spaces, Galbraith--a self-proclaimed otaku himself--has produced a groundbreaking work of reportage, utilizing interviews and dozens of photos to reveal a seldom seen side of these reclusive Japanese collectors. They talk frankly here about their collections of blow-up dolls, comic books, military paraphernalia, anime videos, and much more. Photographer Androniki Christodoulou brings the interviewees to life, intimately capturing their collections and living spaces in full-color images.

Otaku Spaces

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