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This is the first title of our new imprint, Reverberations Books.


"Equal parts charming and unsettling, these are illuminating accounts of the world we inhabit now. And the essays come with lots of good advice, above all: go for a walk. But maybe stick this volume in your back pocket." -- Bill McKibben


Drought and fires, floods, and rising tides: These and other climate-driven forces are compelling us to examine our role as inhabitants of our imperiled planet. In over forty vitally important essays and vignettes, Natural Consequences is Char Miller’s literary tour de force that illuminates the historical background of how we got here, what we need to do now, and how we can thrive into the future.
Professor of Environmental Analysis and History, and author of books, articles, and essays, Char Miller’s narratives are not only expansive in scope, but also intimate and personal. Living in Southern California, he walks us through the environmental touchstones of his backyard, through his neighborhood, into the widely varied ecospheres of California, and then the world beyond.
The essays encourage readers to look for themselves at the meaning behind environmental disasters and injustices, but also examine the tiniest details that can be encountered simply by taking a walk. As Char Miller wanders, we see the world anew through his eyes and words. And we are better for it.

Natural Consequences: Intimate Essays for a Planet in Peril by Char Miller

  • ISBN: 9781634050371
    Publication Date: 09/20/2022
    Pages: 218
    Size: 5.8(w) x 8.1(h) x 0.4(d) in
    Type: Paperback
    Language: English

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