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A World War II memoir by Kay Hirai

A compelling story about a young girl’s life-changing experiences growing up in postwar Japan

Praise for Keiko’s Journey

“This engaging book tells the story of a post-World War II Japan that is rarely portrayed in history books. Three generations of Japanese-Americans (Issei, Nisei, and Sansei) experienced firsthand what took place during the war and also suffered the aftermath while rebuilding their lives in America. As a young girl, Keiko takes the reader through an emotional account of how this series of events painfully impacted her life and those she loved. In spite of this unfortunate chapter in history, she reveals how she turned a negative set of circumstances into a positive life experience through forgiveness, hard work, and persistence.” – Tomio Moriguchi, chairman of Uwajimaya Inc. and publisher of The North American Post

“Keiko's Journey is a rare, first-person look at a young girl caught in the collision of tradition and love. The setting is Japan in the waning days of World War II, yet family secrets, domestic violence, and the strength of a mother's love tell a universal tale of overcoming hardship, offering hope to the next generation.” – Lori Matsukawa, King 5 TV anchor and reporter

“Sometimes the strongest bonds come from the animals in our lives. Without the steadfast companionship of her dog Shiro, Keiko’s life could have turned out much differently. Shiro provided the encouragement and strength that was needed for her to endure the many hardships that she and her family experienced in post-war Japan. Keiko's Journey reminds us that while our individual life experiences may be vastly different, our desire for love and belonging -- whether it be with a human or a beloved animal – is universal. This book gives us a glimpse of a series of intense relationships through a young girl's eyes and reaffirms all the ways that friendship and love shape the people we eventually become.” – Laura Henderson, executive director of Pasado’s Safe Haven

Kay Hirai was born in Japan and came to the United States at the age of eleven. Today, she owns and operates Studio 904 Salon on Mercer Island, WA. The salon is an innovative and respected small business that has become known nationally for its hiring practices, employee training, and community outreach programs.

All books ordered through our store will be signed by Ms. Hirai.

Keiko's Journey

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