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Cute Grit is the debut collection of digitally designed pop art by Japanese American artist Enfu. Aptly named for its fanciful, yet edgy style, this comprehensive compilation of over 100 colorful illustrations merges childlike imagination with serious exploration of Asian American identity.

Bold images of cityscapes, cartoon characters, landmarks and cosplayers are arranged to chronicle the evolution of Enfu's prolific career, traversing not only the cultural paradigm shifts encountered while straddling Japanese, American, and Asian American identities, but also the whimsy of childhood as seen through the eyes of a young father.

Ken "Enfu" Taya is a Japanese American graphic artist whose work includes video games, illustrations and bilingual comics. Enfu makes his living in the video game industry as a developer for titles such as Halo 3 (XBOX360) and Scribblenauts Unmasked (WiiU, PC, 3DS), among others. His pop art illustrations can be seen in stores and restaurants across the Pacific Northwest, and his popular comic, I Fart Rainbow, enjoys success at Enfu lives in Bellevue, Washington, with his wife and daughter.

Enfu: Cute Grit

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