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by M. Thomas Gammarino


Progressive rocker Brain Tedesco falls hopelessly in love with a Japanese sex worker and painfully, hilariously comes of age. Compassionate and ruthless, erotic and grotesque, riotously serious and deadly funny, M. Thomas Gammarino's debut is a sparkling, gut-wrenching, face-melting novel.

Ron Currie Jr. says that Gammarino "has created a perfect hero for the Age of Anxiety."

PF Kluge had this to say: “From Susie Wong to Madame Butterfly to Miss Saigon: you might think that we've had enough of American men adventuring, scoring and coming undone in the Far East. But you'd be wrong. Gammarino's Big in Japan is a shrewd and lively book, sharp-eyed and unsparing in its account of a young American's good and very bad moments overseas. The writing is wired and the ultimate judgment is merciless. It's seductive and it's devastating.”

Big in Japan

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