Amabie: ancient & modern

Amabie: ancient & modern

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by Zack Davisson


This limited-edition handbound chapbook from Mercuria Press features an essay by award-winning writer Zack Davisson, original artwork from Liv Rainey-Smith and Kayla Carlson, a fold-out re-creation of the 1864 amabie kawaraban, and everything you ever wanted to know about the amabie, the "chimeric monster, tri-limbed, half-fish, half-bird, part-human" of Japanese folklore. The amabie's prophecy: share its image to stave off disaster. (Boy, if we only knew about the powers of the amabie a year ago!)

Lovingly produced by Mercuria Press, this 24-page keepsake is the perfect gift for saying sayonara to 2020 and buttressing ourselves for a much better future.


handbound, softcover

24 pages

5 x 7 inches