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Possums Run Amok

A True Tale Told Slant


Lora Lafayette

Available May, 2022
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Print: 978-1-63405-993-0

Ebook: 978-1-63405-994-7

Possums Run Amok is a rollicking, hilarious, at times deeply uncomfortable and dark memoir. With fearless candor Lora Lafayette recounts her life from a delinquent, late 1970's punk rock adolescence, through a manic, crooked transatlantic path to adulthood and her eventual terrifying descent into schizophrenia. Whip smart, daring and inventive, Lafayette navigates the harsh realities of being an adventurous young woman seeking to wrest all the wild joy she can out of life. Her story reveals how blurry the line can be between real and unreal, choice and force. It lays bare the startling lack of empathy and services in society for those in crisis. Her voice is singular, her language full of shining unconventional metaphor. Deadpan and wise, heartbreakingly funny and devastatingly moving, Possums Run Amok is equal parts challenging and entertaining.

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